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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsanatoriumsan‧a‧to‧ri‧um /ˌsænəˈtɔːriəm/ noun (plural sanatoria /-riə/ or sanatoriums) [countable] old-fashioned  MHa type of hospital for sick people who are getting better after a long illness but still need rest and a lot of care syn sanitarium American English
Examples from the Corpus
sanatoriumAll I had to do was make like a patient in a sanatorium.Although he returned to the School staff after the war, he was later compelled to spend some time in a sanatorium.Thinking of the frail figure sitting in the gloomy room at the sanatorium, trusting the great Bonanza.I see her picture in the paper, then I holler copper and tell them this is the dame from the sanatorium.If that decision has now put him in the casualty ward, it has equally kept him from the sanatorium.By inventing this yarn about the time Connie left the sanatorium, you've tied yourself right in this thing.Reporters and photographers were swarming all over the sanatorium that day.The sanatorium was opened only in 1941.