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scanscan2 ●●○ noun  1 MH[countable] a medical test in which a special machine produces a picture of something inside your body The scan showed that she was expecting twins. a brain scan2 [singular]LOOK FOR when you read something quicklyscan of a quick scan of the newspapers
Examples from the Corpus
scanA bone scan showed a small fracture in Conway's right ankle.A bone scan on Monday revealed a compression fracture in vertebrae in the middle of his back.We took him to hospital and he had various tests and a brain scan.The brain scan, the chest scan, the throat and bone scans all said the cancer had gone.Bring the localiser into the normal level flight and descent scan routine.From the play of shadows, Hicks reckoned that there were two more people inside who were beyond his scan.But workers were paid low wages, lived mostly in overcrowded bunkhouses and were subjected to daily body searches and internal scans.It was agreed that all transmission of film material will be in a progressive scan format from launch of services.After a quick scan of the headlines, Joan put the newspaper down.But he hopes that scans should illuminate the precise areas of any deficits.