2 verb
screen2 [transitive]

test for illness

MH to do tests on a lot of people to find out whether they have a particular illness:
All women over 50 will be regularly screened.
screen somebody for something
It is now possible to screen babies for diabetes.

hide something

if something screens something else, it is in front of it and hides it
screen something from something
A line of trees screened the house from the road.


AMFAMT to show a film or television programme:
The film is being screened around the country.
The match will be screened live on television.

test employees etc

to find out information about people in order to decide whether you can trust them:
Police are very careful when screening politicians' bodyguards.
Applicants are screened for security.

check things

to check things to see whether they are acceptable or suitable:
You can use an answerphone to screen your phone calls before you answer them.

screen something ↔ off

phrasal verb
to separate one part of a room from the rest by putting a thin temporary wall or a curtain across it:
The back part of the room had been screened off.

screen something ↔ out

phrasal verb
1 to prevent something harmful from passing through:
Sun lotions screen out damaging ultraviolet light.
2 to remove people or things that are not acceptable or not suitable:
An answering service can screen out nuisance calls.

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