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screenscreen2 ●●○ verb [transitive] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 test for illnessMH to do tests on a lot of people to find out whether they have a particular illness πŸ”Š All women over 50 will be regularly screened.screen somebody for something πŸ”Š It is now possible to screen babies for diabetes.2 hide somethingHIDE/MAKE IT HARD TO FIND OR SEE if something screens something else, it is in front of it and hides itscreen something from something πŸ”Š A line of trees screened the house from the road.3 film/televisionAMFAMT to show a film or television programme πŸ”Š The film is being screened around the country. πŸ”Š The match will be screened live on television.4 test employees etcTEST/EXPERIMENT to find out information about people in order to decide whether you can trust them πŸ”Š Police are very careful when screening politicians’ bodyguards. πŸ”Š Applicants are screened for security.5 check things to check things to see whether they are acceptable or suitable πŸ”Š You can use an answerphone to screen your phone calls before you answer them. β†’ screen something ↔ off β†’ screen something ↔ outβ†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
screenβ€’ The film was under attack before it was even screened.β€’ Because breast cancer is common in older women, we screen all women over 50.β€’ Management has announced new procedures for screening applicants.β€’ "Border War" is to be screened by Channel Four later on in the week.β€’ If you receive blood in the United Kingdom it will already have been screened for HIV.β€’ The house is screened from the road by a row of tall trees.β€’ Spielberg's 1995 blockbuster is being screened on network TV for the first time tonight.β€’ High up in the sky was a protective layer of gas that screened out dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun.β€’ The human brain evolved to survive in such a world; it is stimulated by change and it screens out repetition.β€’ They were selected by a screening panel of professional, business and community leaders.β€’ In the back yard, a hedge neatly screens the vegetable plot.screen somebody for somethingβ€’ Doctors recommend that women over 50 be screened for breast cancer.screen ... callsβ€’ But do you mind if I connect the machine anyway, it screens calls.β€’ But if you want some privacy, using one another way lets some people screen their calls.β€’ She must be screening her calls.