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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsectionsec‧tion1 /ˈsekʃən/ ●●● S1 W1 AWL noun  1 place/object [countable]PART one of the parts that something such as an object or place is divided intosection of a busy section of road the reference section of the library The plane’s tail section was found in a cornfield. the smoking section (=where you can smoke)2 part of a whole [countable]PART one of the separate parts of a structure, piece of furniture etc that you fit together to form the wholein sections The boats were built in Scotland, and transported to Egypt in sections.see thesaurus at part3 book/newspaper/report [countable]TCN a separate part of a book, newspaper, document, report etc This issue will be discussed further in section two.sports/style/business/travel etc section (=particular part of a newspaper)4 group of people [countable]GROUP OF PEOPLE a separate group within a larger group of peoplesection of a large section of the American public5 brass/rhythm/woodwind/string etc section6 law [countable] one of the parts of a law or a legal document Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution 7 side/top view [countable, uncountable]AVD technical a picture that shows what a building, part of the body etc would look like if it were cut from top to bottom or side to sidecross-sectionin section Here’s the outside view, and here are the floors in section.8 medical/scientific technical a) [countable, uncountable]MH a medical operation that involves cutting caesarean section at caesarean b) [countable]MH a very thin flat piece that is cut from skin, a plant etc to be looked at under a microscope9 area of land [countable] American EnglishSGTOWN a square area of land in the US that is one mile long on each side10 mathematics [countable] technicalHM the shape that is made when a solid figure is cut by a flat surface in mathematics
Examples from the Corpus
sectionIt also includes a section measuring attitudes towards social issues.The tutor asked the brass section to play their piece again.conic sectionsThe party's Young Conservatives section is growing fast.The final section is the expedition, the main reason why people do the award scheme.The final section of this chapter will deal with recent developments.the final section of this chapterFirst class seats are in the front section of the plane.Garnish the salad with fresh grapefruit sections.Swimsuits are next to the lingerie section.The medieval section has been moved from its original site.This, like the motoring section, is now absolutely crammed with reminders and relics of yesteryear.A convenient notes section on each page points out major features encountered and emphasises detail occurring in the plate illustrated.The state organization section attempted to make good the shortcomings of the Weimar Constitution.We had to go to the `late payments' section of the Financial Aid office.The disease spread through the poorer sections of the city.Who has the sports section?Experts say this whole section of the ancient Abbey was in imminent danger of collapse.I therefore lined the guttering with sections of emergency foil blanket.section ofa large section of the American publicThis is one of the older sections of town.the reference section of the libraryin sectionsThey are contained in sections 8 and 19 of the Coroners Act 1988.As an example, take the consumption function model discussed in sections 3.2 and 3.3.You see it on telly, it goes down in sections and crumples in a huge cloud of dust.At least 15 crypts were evaluated per subject and per method in sections from one or two, and rarely three different biopsy.Having come together, the images separate in sections six and seven, when the verb correr reappears twice.The bookcase can be taken apart and stored in sections.I shall discuss an extended example of this in sections 4.6 and 4.7.For collectors there was a splendid array of miscellaneous artefacts grouped together in sections.We have traced the processes by which they become turbulent in Sections 17.6-17.8 and Chapter 18.sports/style/business/travel etc sectionIt also received a commendation-in the fastest growing business section.The new shop has a much larger travel section.First off, I must state, as always, I like the Star sports section.A secretary in the business section confirmed he had left long before Rain did.At first he was turned down by the editor of the Style Section.