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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsickroomsick‧room /ˈsɪk-rʊm, -ruːm/ noun [countable]  MHa room where someone who is ill can go to lie down
Examples from the Corpus
sickroomShe called in to Rory's sickroom to say good morning and then she came downstairs.The kitchen was the warmest room in the house, apart from the sickroom.Mrs Sloane was not acceptable in the sickroom because she was ugly and Eloise could not abide ugly things.Shelley was there on her own, seeing to a couple of minor injuries while Mrs Richards dozed in the sickroom.In the sickroom or with Diniz, Nicholas never threw doubt on the arrival of Katelina's dream fleet.The door of the sickroom opened, and the doctor came out.They went past the sickroom on the first floor without stopping and up the stairs to the matching room above it.At last Anthony allowed David in to the sickroom.