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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsmearsmear1 /smɪə $ smɪr/ noun [countable]  1 MARKa dirty mark made by a small amount of something spread across a surfacesmear of a smear of paint It left a black smear on his arm.see thesaurus at mark2 MH British English a smear test3 BLAMEan untrue story about a politician or other important person that is told in order to make people lose respect for them – used especially in newspaperssmeary adjective a smeary glass
Examples from the Corpus
smearJust a smear of protoplasm, another speck on the biological scrap heap.I slid off the seat, keeping my eyes down, expecting to see a smear of red blood on the chair.The hideous blood smear on the window was a running crimson blur in the rain.There was a bright moon and on looking closer I saw a dark smear coming from his mouth.Wasn't there a dark smear on the doorknob of the long room?A slightly sinister element is that neither side is producing its smears.There were paint smears visible on the doorknob.At what age should a woman begin having an annual Pap smear?He looked at the thin smear of my blood on his palm, and wrapped a small black towel around my hand.