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staunchstaunch2 (also stanch American English) verb [transitive]  MHLIQUIDto stop the flow of liquid, especially of blood from a wound syn stem He used a rag to staunch the flow of blood.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
staunchIt bubbled up from somewhere deep and was too strong to staunch.Well, at least most of the snow coming in was staunched.There was that black future to fend off: there was the endless black past to staunch and help.Gas and oil pipelines have staunched many creeks and rivers, swamping prime pastures and crop lands.He used the cloth to try to staunch the flow of blood.Using three of the strips of cloth, he bound his thigh firmly, staunching the flow of blood.The declared goal of Washington's policy is to staunch the flow of illicit drugs.There were hopes that Gordon Brown might try to staunch the outflow with a concession in his last Budget.