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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtablettab‧let /ˈtæblɪt/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 MDMHa small round hard piece of medicine which you swallow syn pill She took a couple of headache tablets.vitamin/sleeping/indigestion etc tablet2 a small hard piece of a substance, especially one that dissolves in water water purification tablets3 AVa flat piece of stone or clay with words cut into it, for example above someone’s grave4 be written/set/cast in tablets of stone5 American English a set of pieces of paper for writing on that are glued together at the top syn pad British English6 (also tablet computer) a computer that you can carry with you which has a touch screen and does not have a separate keyboardCOLLOCATIONSverbstake a tablet (=swallow it)Have you taken your tablets?be on tablets spoken (=be taking tablets)He's on tablets for his heart.swallow a tabletHe took his own life by swallowing more than 500 tablets.a doctor prescribes tablets (=tells someone to take them)Dr Preston arrived and prescribed some pain-relieving tablets.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + tableta sleeping tabletSleeping tablets can be addictive.a headache/indigestion etc tabletDo you want a headache tablet?a paracetamol/quinine/iron etc tabletShe's on iron tablets for her anaemia.a vitamin tabletAre all these vitamin tablets really necessary?phrasesin tablet formAlthough this drug is available in tablet form it is often prescribed as a powder.
Examples from the Corpus
tabletAnother method is to use Boots Sterotabs, £1.39 for 48 tablets.It first appears in Linear B tablets from Pylos.vitamin C tabletsThree empty bottles of anti-depressant tablets were by his side.Physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory tablets are helping to clear up tendonitis which forced him to return home early from Majorca earlier this month.I was on tablets for two days and then taken off, just like that.After she had swallowed the sleeping tablets, Carolyn slept for fourteen hours.vitamin/sleeping/indigestion etc tabletThe threats broke Errol, and doctors prescribed Prozac for depression and sleeping tablets for insomnia.Sister Aimee died in 1944, from an accidental overdose of sleeping tablets.Tranquillisers, anti-depressants, or sleeping tablets should only be taken if they are really needed.Eat smaller meals and try soda mints or indigestion tablets.Carolyn sat on her bed and swallowed the sleeping tablets, washing each down with a mouthful of water.The sleeping tablets hadn't worked.They were sleeping tablets to help me sleep.