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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtourniquettour‧ni‧quet /ˈtʊənɪkeɪ, ˈtɔː- $ ˈtɜːrnɪkət, ˈtʊr-/ noun [countable]  MHa band of cloth that is twisted tightly around an injured arm or leg to stop it bleeding
Examples from the Corpus
tourniquetMalpass was still clutching his leg, using his hands as a tourniquet.She picked up the dress and tore the thin material into several strips, then began to make a tourniquet.The brigadier tried to stem the flow with a tourniquet.Efficient emergency treatment relies upon being able to stem the blood loss with a tourniquet around the foot.Her right arm had gone to sleep below the tourniquet.She snapped a dry twig from a juniper bush and used it to finish the tourniquet.Anne unknotted the rubber tubing from her arm, and pulled the tourniquet loose.