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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtracheotomytrach‧e‧ot‧o‧my /ˌtrækiˈɒtəmi $ ˌtreɪkiˈɑːt-/ noun (plural tracheotomies) [countable]  technicalMH an operation to cut a hole in someone’s throat so that they can breathe
Examples from the Corpus
tracheotomyBut a tracheotomy throat operation which helped to save his life may have changed his distinctive voice for ever.He battled through the night, spared by a tracheotomy.He did a tracheotomy in the ambulance.She was rushed to Northampton General Hospital where she underwent several hours of surgery, including a tracheotomy operation.Her throat swelled up until she needed a tracheotomy.They had to perform a tracheotomy throat operation to aid his breathing.It was also feared an emergency tracheotomy could have ruined his distinctive voice for good.I knew only too well that tracheotomy was indicated here but I didn't have a tube with me.