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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtransplanttrans‧plant1 /ˈtrænsplɑːnt $ -plænt/ ●○○ noun  1 MH[countable, uncountable] the operation of transplanting an organ, piece of skin etcimplant heart transplant surgery a bone marrow transplant2 MH[countable] the organ, piece of skin etc that is moved in a transplant operationimplant
Examples from the Corpus
transplantBombeck began dialysis at her home in Paradise Valley, Arizona, while waiting for a transplant.The stakes with a child under the age of eight are high for a corneal transplant, Song explains.For 17 years, 52-year-old Anthony waited in vain for a kidney transplant.She developed progressive liver failure and required a liver transplant.a liver transplantKelly's only hope of survival was a heart and lung transplant.The treatment was first tested in patients who received transplants of bone marrow.a New York transplant to California