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transplanttrans‧plant2 /trænsˈplɑːnt $ -ˈplænt/ verb [transitive]  1 MHto move an organ, piece of skin etc from one person’s body and put it into another as a form of medical treatment2 HBPDLGto move a plant from one place and plant it in another place3 formalLEAVE YOUR HOME/COUNTRY to move something or someone from one place to anothertransplantation /ˌtrænsplɑːnˈteɪʃən $ -plæn-/ noun [uncountable]→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
transplantThe creeping rhizome produces young plants which can be divided and transplanted.In addition to plant sales, Barron offered transplanting and landscape gardening.The second group represented wild birds transplanted from not far away.His kidney was transplanted in his daughter.The club looks like a little bit of Las Vegas transplanted in Texas.Critically ill patients such as Lucky normally receive transplanted livers from a parent.You need to transplant that cactus.His ideal was to transplant the classical Athenian model of direct democracy to the new world.And so James Sherald and his assistants scour the mountains to find any living trees to transplant to his garden.