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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwardward1 /wɔːd $ wɔːrd/ ●●○ W3 noun [countable]  1 MHa large room in a hospital where people who need medical treatment staymaternity/general/geriatric etc ward (=a ward for people with a particular medical condition)on/in the ward a young nurse's first day on the wards the other patients in the ward2 PPVTOWNone of the small areas that a city has been divided into for the purpose of local electionsconstituency3 lawSSCSCL someone, especially a child, who is under the legal protection of another person or of a law court She was made a ward of court.
Examples from the Corpus
wardAt the age of five, Jason became a ward of the state.Linda is a doctor in a ward for premature babies.First he tried to oust Keenan as ward committeeman by running some one against him in the election for ward leadership.When her baby was due, Barbara was admitted to the maternity ward of Mercy Hospital.You must have a majority to change the ward policy.The stuff they've been giving me in the ward was like a milk soup.There were twenty-nine other patients assigned to the ward, but they were all outdoors now, enjoying the day.Jill was shaking down a thermometer as Lindsey walked on to the ward.on/in the wardPatients and professionals both at Bodypositive and on the ward, say, coming to terms with the diagnosis is the key.This includes teaching sessions, and the use of worksheets and all other learning resources available in the ward.Lights burned dimly in the wards.Evening on the ward was much quieter.The stuff they've been giving me in the ward was like a milk soup.The nurses on the ward were strict but applauding.Open discussion of the phenomenon with all patients on the ward is recommended.When the fog was on the ward I used to hide in it to get out of going.ward of courtThen I went to prison and they made the baby a ward of court without telling me.I was left an orphan at an early age and became a ward of court.Gemma has been a ward of court since 12 February.The girl has been in a council children's home and with foster parents since being made a ward of court.If such consent is withheld, then the doctor could seek to have the child made a ward of court.I had her made a ward of court to my mum because the social services - they are terrible people.A while later she married and had a second baby; it was made a ward of court.