Language: Old English
Origin: weard 'guarding'


1 noun
ward1 W3 [countable]
1MH a large room in a hospital where people who need medical treatment stay
maternity/general/geriatric etc ward (=a ward for people with a particular medical condition)
on/in the ward
a young nurse in her first day on the wards
the other patients in the ward
2PPV one of the small areas that a city has been divided into for the purpose of local elections [↪ constituency]
3 lawSSCSCL someone, especially a child, who is under the legal protection of another person or of a law court:
She was made a ward of court.
WORD FOCUS: hospital WORD FOCUS: hospital
types of hospital: medical center American English (a big hospital)
maternity hospital
(for women who are having a baby)
mental hospital
/psychiatric hospital (for people who are mentally ill)
(for people receiving a particular kind of treatment)
(for people who are dying)
nursing home
(for old people)

parts of a hospital: A&E also casualty British English, emergency room American English, operating theatre British English/operating room American English, ward, unit

people in a hospital: doctor, nurse, surgeon, patient, orderly

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