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Language: Old English
Origin: bæth


1 noun
bath1 S2 W3 plural baths [countable]
1DCBDHH if you take a bath, you wash your body in a bath:
After a week of camping, I really needed a bath.
take/have a bath
I'll have a bath and go to bed.
How often do you take a bath?
I'll give the children their bath (=wash them in a bath).
2 British EnglishDHH a large long container that you fill with water and sit or lie in to wash yourself [= bathtub American English]
3 water that you sit or lie in to wash yourself:
a hot bath
She ran a bath (=put water into a bath).
4 a bathroom, used especially in advertising:
All our luxury bedrooms have a private bath.
5 a container full of liquid in which something is placed for a particular purpose
bath of
Plunge the fabric into a bath of black dye.


a) British English old-fashioned a public building in which there is a swimming pool
b) DL a public building where people could go in the past to wash themselves:
the Roman baths at Cirencester

take a bath

B American English informal to lose money, especially in a business deal:
We took a bath in the market over that stock.
birdbath, bubble bath

; ➔ throw the baby out with the bath water

at throw1 (37)

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