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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbathbath1 /bɑːθ $ bæθ/ ●●● S2 W3 noun (plural baths /bɑːðz, bɑːθs $ bæðz, bæθs/) [countable]  1 DCBDHHif you take a bath, you wash your body in a bath After a week of camping, I really needed a bath.have a bath British English take a bath American English I’ll have a bath and go to bed. How often do you take a bath? I’ll give the children their bath (=wash them in a bath).2 British EnglishDHH a large long container that you fill with water and sit or lie in to wash yourself syn bathtub American English3 water that you sit or lie in to wash yourself a hot bath She ran a bath (=put water into a bath).4 a bathroom, used especially in advertising All our luxury bedrooms have a private bath.5 CONTAIN/HOLDa container full of liquid in which something is placed for a particular purposebath of Plunge the fabric into a bath of black dye. 6 baths7 take a bath birdbath, bubble bath, → throw the baby out with the bath water at throw1(37)COLLOCATIONSverbshave a bath especially British English, take a bath especially American EnglishShe usually has a bath in the evening.give somebody a bathHe's upstairs giving the baby a bath.get in/into/out of the bathI had to get out of the bath to answer the phone.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + batha quick bathIt's easier to take a shower than a quick bath.a long bathA long hot bath is a great way of relaxing.a hot/warm/cool bathWhy don't you have a nice warm bath?a bubble bath (=with nice-smelling bubbles in it)She likes to destress by taking a bubble bath.bath + NOUNbath time (=the time when someone, usually a child, has a bath)Come on, Lucy, it's bath time.bath taps British EnglishThe water coming out of the bath taps was freezing cold.a bath towelShe handed him a soft white bath towel.a bath mat (=small rug on the floor by the bath)The bath mat was soaking wet.bath waterThe bath water is getting cold.bath salts/crystals (=a substance that you put in a bath to make it smell nice)She bought me some lavender bath salts.bath toy (=for a child to play with in the bath)Bath toys are great for babies who've just learned to sit.
Examples from the Corpus
bathSo she told them she was taking a bath.a bath of black dyeThe 1960s home on 6 acres boasts a pool, a tennis court, six bedrooms, four baths and staff quarters.I love to soak in a hot bath.Whilst in bath remember what you've done and race down naked to reverse the contents of freezer and microwave.I replaced each plug - in the wash basin, the bath, the sink.The coolness of the water roused me from my reverie, and I left the bath and decided to telephone Toby Greenslade.Hold sauce in a warm water bath until serving time, up to 2 hours.After your bath or shower, grit your teeth and splash yourself with cold water!have a bathAnd taking a bath in very hot water after you drink it.While Dooley took a bath, the rector made two calls asking for prayer, and gave Miss Sadie an update.The large rooms all have bath and shower/WC, radio and telephone.I have a bath every day.They had hardly explored the place before Cristalena suggested they take a bath.But first she had to have a bath.Then you have a bath and they give you a towel and soap.ran a bathShe went back into the bathroom and ran a bath.She made her way upstairs and ran a bath.At five-thirty they made gentle love; then Felicity ran a bath.Lisa ran a bath for herself.She ran a bath, defying the rule by more than half filling the tub instead of sticking to the permitted five inches.