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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbedchamberbed‧cham‧ber /ˈbedˌtʃeɪmbə $ -ər/ noun [countable] old use  DHHa bedroom
Examples from the Corpus
bedchamberNo, it was thanks to my culinary abilities that Marie-Claude gave me free rein of both her kitchen and her bedchamber.They had brought the harp into her bedchamber for me, all freshly strung.His bedchamber had access to the servant girls' quarters and to the rooms of adolescent girls upstairs.A door at the end of the room led to my bedchamber, which was simply furnished with bed and clothes chest.So I sent Mora home, locked the doors, and took myself to my bedchamber.Edward Balliol would not be couched down there, but upstairs in one of the principal bedchambers, for sure.Benedict carried her through the bedchamber door, and, with one booted foot, kicked it to behind him.The bedchamber was hung with silks which were so fine that they bruised if something brushed against them.