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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdoorknobdoor‧knob /ˈdɔːnɒb $ ˈdɔːrnɑːb/ noun [countable]  door_knob.jpg DHHa round handle that you turn to open a door
Examples from the Corpus
doorknobThus resolved, Theodora focused her flashlight on the brass doorknob on the panelled door.Thick and wavy-grained like smoke, but thicker, like water, and a glass doorknob.A second slab of beef has crawled out of bed and found his doorknob.Then one day I came upstairs and caught her with her hand on my doorknob.Everything was designed, including wastepaper baskets and the doorknobs.With the bolt drawn and one hand on the doorknob, I paused to note the time.Wasn't there a dark smear on the doorknob of the long room?