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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdrapesdrapes /dreɪps/ noun [plural] American English  DHHlong heavy curtains
Examples from the Corpus
drapesThe bed drapes were parted tonight because it was hot.The smoke will diffuse into other rooms and will get into carpets, drapes and clothing.A few cane chairs with bright cushions stood near the windows, whose heavy drapes matched the carpeting.The bedrooms are beautifully decorated with fabric wallcoverings and rich drapes.Deep Throat could check each day; if the drapes were open, the two would meet that night.Money in the drapes, and in the pottery that had a shelf to itself by the wide, dark wood staircase.He suggested that Woodward open the drapes in his apartment as a signal.He looks towards the drapes drawn across most of the windows of the house to keep out the sun.