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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfriezefrieze /friːz/ noun [countable]  DHHDECORATEa decoration that goes along the top of the walls of a room or a building
Examples from the Corpus
friezeInside the Odeon, on both sides of the screen, up the soaring walls, ran a frieze of cartoon characters.De Fondutis was also responsible for the brick frieze with cherubs in the sacristy.The triangle was centered in a bronze frieze depicting men guiding boys on golden playing fields.The long north frieze shows a Gigantomachy, and on one Giant's shield is cut a signature.Its portico of six Corinthian columns exists, as does the finely sculptured frieze of its entablature.Look especially for the frieze of statues on the upper tier.That would justify the presence of horses on the frieze, since cavalry competitions were a feature of funerals for heroes.Having dragged it over, she stood on it with care, and found it brought her eyes level with the frieze.