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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgabledga‧bled /ˈɡeɪbəld/ adjective  DHHTBBhaving one or more gables a gabled cottage gabled roofs
Examples from the Corpus
gabledDuring Richard Webb's time the large, gabled clothier's house was built.The exterior is severely Romanesque with a gabled façade, transeptal towers and spires and an apsidal east end.It has a gabled façade with wheel window at the top and two-light windows below.He could see people on the beach, and behind them the gabled houses with dormer windows.The gabled main block is stone-built.This was the time when the old style of gabled manor was feeling the first breath of classical ideas.The multi-level hipped and gabled roof forms one of the project's most striking features.a gabled roofThe store is housed in a gabled two-story Tudor Revival building with a magnificent split staircase to the second level.