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hatchhatch2 noun [countable]  1 TTATTWa hole in a ship or aircraft, usually used for loading goods, or the door that covers itescape hatch (=a hole in an aircraft etc through which you can escape)2 (also hatchway)DHHTBB a small hole in the wall, floor, or ceiling of a room, or the door that covers it3 down the hatch
Examples from the Corpus
hatchThe astronauts were fixing a hatch aboard the Mir space station.Its designer shows how it can be fitted through a small kayak hatch in its assembled state.The glassy rear hatch opens wide and the boot has low loading lip.The oil spill will affect next spring's hatch.Did some one forget to close the hatch?She had fallen from the hatch.Kalchu went to the chicken coop and lifted the hatch.escape hatchThere was also an escape hatch in the inner hard cocoon.The two sides were now on a collision course: Khrushchev could not allow West Berlin to remain as an escape hatch.Kids are looking for an escape hatch from the pressures of home.Although normally kept shut, there is an escape hatch for the after cabin in each of the cockpit seats.Another escape hatch that Olson slams shut upon us is the device of distinguishing between Pound-the-man and Pound-the-poet.Even more important, birth control has a crucial escape hatch.Unlike the cecropia and promethea moths, however, these two do not have built-in escape hatches for the emerging adults.Taking hold of a strong branch, he finally cleared the escape hatch with his legs and dropped to the ground.Some experts suggested that the escape hatch might have been damaged.