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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlinoli‧no /ˈlaɪnəʊ $ -noʊ/ noun [uncountable] British English informal  DHHlinoleum
Examples from the Corpus
linoShe asked them to donate a collection of drawings, watercolours and sketches as well as etchings, lino prints and engravings on metal.Curling his toes in a vain attempt to frustrate the inhospitable lino, Mungo watched, fascinated.There was no lino covering on the stairs leading to the second floor.Every second day I wash out this room - because it's only lino.There was carpet in the living room, lino elsewhere; gas fires downstairs and no heating in the bedrooms.They will lurk inside cupboards in murderous kitchens, spewing across the lino if you open the door.There was lino on the floor and lace curtains at the window.