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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishloftloft1 /lɒft $ lɒːft/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 under a roof British EnglishDHH a room or space under the roof of a building, usually used for storing things in syn attic Our neighbours have just done a loft conversion (=changed the loft into bedrooms).2 on a farmTATBB a raised area in a barn used for keeping hay or other crops in a hayloft3 part of a room American English a raised area above the main part of a room, usually used for sleeping4 type of apartment a space above a business, factory etc that was once used for storing goods, but has been changed into living space She’s just bought a loft in Manhattan.5 for birdsDLH a set of cages used to keep pigeons in6 in a churchTBB the raised place in a church where the organ or choir is
Examples from the Corpus
loftThe part of the barn sited on top of these areas thus became a loft raised above the threshing floor.Marris lives in a loft in lower Manhattan.the choir lofta hay loftI had somehow gotten it into my head that loft and locomotion could only be achieved through a two-step process.A trussed roof prevents free movement around the loft, as there are many timbers to climb over or through.We love being up in the loft with him.Working in the loft Working in the loft is unpleasant and somewhat hazardous.loft conversionGreg starts fantasising about a loft conversion.We put the tacker through its paces on a loft conversion.Done in a sympathetic way, a loft conversion can blend in almost anywhere.Provided there is space you will be able to install a traditional-style staircase for access to your loft conversion.