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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparquetpar‧quet /ˈpɑːkeɪ, ˈpɑːki $ pɑːrˈkeɪ/ noun [uncountable]  DHHsmall flat blocks of wood fitted together in a pattern that cover the floor of a room a parquet floor
Examples from the Corpus
parquetThe store's interior is traditionally inspired, complete with original oak-lined walls and parquet flooring.Sticking back parquet A couple of blocks in our parquet floor have parted from the concrete beneath.Beautiful parquet floors had come with the hotel.The gleaming parquet floors creaked underfoot.Great pale splotches appeared on the once-shining parquet floor where water had leaked in and stood in puddles.Cara marched instantly out of the billiard room with short, sharp steps, her heels stabbing the parquet floor.The parquet was shined, the table-cloths starched and the waiters had clean shirts.