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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpatiopat‧i‧o /ˈpætiəʊ $ -oʊ/ noun (plural patios) [countable]  DHHDLOa flat hard area near a house, where people sit outside
Examples from the Corpus
patioThey rolled out the awning, retrieved a patio set from their storage shed and set about doing nothing.Also, Weiland Brewery has finished constructing a new dining patio, which will be open soon.He also specialises in patios, rockeries and roof gardens.And nice meals on patios in wide hats and shorts.There is no cover for damage to terraces, patios, driveways, footpaths, garden walls and hedges.The Mersey nights at the patio windows.In the patio, all four of us are draped over lawn chairs reading.They made me hang butcher paper for security reasons all along the outside of the patio.