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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpublic housingˌpublic ˈhousing noun [uncountable]  DHHin the US, houses or apartments built by the government for poor people
Examples from the Corpus
public housingThis enormous decline in public housing was largely due to a government-induced squeeze on local authority expenditure.What are the effects of public housing upon the market of housing?In the late seventies and early eighties an era of public housing came to an end.Another crucial planning innovation, with major implications for the provision of public housing, was the New Towns Act of 1946.Any visitors who come to the Province can see the quality of public housing in Northern Ireland.This demand has to be made in conjunction with demands for greater control over public housing, by those who inhabit it.In the New Towns special development corporations provide public housing.The first thing we did was offer to sell public housing to the people who lived in it.