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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrunnerrun‧ner /ˈrʌnə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 DSOsomeone who runs for sport or pleasurejogger a long-distance runner a marathon runner2 a horse that runs in a race The runners and riders appear in Friday’s Racing Post.3 do a runner4 DSODLOone of the two thin pieces of metal under a sledge, or the single piece of metal under a skate5 DHHthe bar of wood or metal that a drawer or curtain slides along6 technicalHBP a stem on a plant that grows along the ground and then puts down roots to form a new plant7 DHHa long narrow piece of cloth or carpet drug runner, → gun runner at gun-running, front-runner
Examples from the Corpus
runnerIt was in the 70s, and lots of people dropped out, even elite runners.My idea of good style is to arrive at the stance with a minimum of runners.As it stands, few serious runners are likely to take up the challenge to turn it on.a red table runner for ChristmasPropagates by the plantlets produced on the runners.It was very disappointing that there were only three runners.And they are offering tasty incentives to runners who answer their call.The ring leaders, using runners to deliver their goods on the streets, sold about 100 phones each month.