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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsemi-detachedˌsemi-deˈtached adjective British English  DHHa semi-detached house is joined to another house on one sidedetached, terraced
Examples from the Corpus
semi-detachedIn the past I have lived in a large Victorian house and a 1930s semi-detached.You are not bothered whether the house is detached or semi-detached, but you do not want to live on an estate.About 30 police of whom a third were armed surrounded the semi-detached house and evacuated neighbouring homes.She and Jarvis's father and Jarvis lived in a semi-detached house in Wimbledon.Lorry driver Mr Wynne, 47, was woken by screams coming from the semi-detached house next door.Meanwhile private inter-war suburbia had its distinctive style where the semi-detached house was dominant.After 1945 vast new estates, mainly of semi-detached houses, began to extend further out.A pair of semi-detached houses which seemed rather out of place adjoined Invicta Terrace.