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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsitting roomˈsitting room noun [countable] especially British English  DHHthe room in a house where you sit, relax, watch television etc syn living room
Examples from the Corpus
sitting roomThere was nothing, not even that hotel sitting room, to compare.Feeley paced, chain-smoked, made phone calls from the Lincoln sitting room.I knew it was a mistake to help my silly wee sister paste pictures into her scrapbook in the sitting room.His parents were in the sitting room.In the sitting room, Ted Johnson was trying to give the old man something squirreled away in his satchel.John caught Sarah's arm and hustled her into the sitting room while Emily hurried down the stairs to join them.No one in the hall except the grandfather clock I'd seen floating in my dream; no one came out of the sitting room.The door to the sitting room was ajar, and a wedge of light shone out across the stairs.