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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstairwellstair‧well /ˈsteəwel $ ˈster-/ noun [countable]  DHHTBBthe space going up through all the floors of a building, where the stairs go up
Examples from the Corpus
stairwellOnly a small plaque near a stairwell distinguishes the school from the college at large.The lobby and stairwell are lined with banners, athletic trophies and school bulletins.A position over a high stairwell would not be satisfactory.A narrow stairwell wound like a corkscrew into the dungeons of the castle.Tom looked down the stairwell and saw them.In the doorway stands 2-year-old Davell Payne, a few feet from a potentially fatal tumble down the stairwell.The cabinet slammed full against the shape, pinning it down and jamming sideways at the bottom of the stairwell.He can also slowly inch his way up the stairwell at a rate of 1 foot per round.