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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishverandave‧ran‧da, verandah /vəˈrændə/ noun [countable]  DHHan open area with a floor and a roof that is attached to the side of a house at ground level syn porch American English
Examples from the Corpus
verandaThe sun was very bright; flies and insects buzzed on the littered veranda.I missed my Mbarara veranda, having to write up my journal on a table dragged into the garden at State House.The handkerchief fell on the veranda floor.No one had poured coffee yet, and the silence on the veranda was now very tense.They stood on the veranda and admired the view and praised what Oliver had been able to do with the old cottage.The prisoner was hauled out to the veranda.The veranda was on the ground floor and the gallery above has been preserved and strengthened.