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whitewashwhitewash2 verb [transitive]  1 DHHto cover something with whitewash The walls were whitewashed and covered with bullfighting posters.2 HIDE/NOT SHOWto hide the true facts about a serious accident or illegal action Investigators are accused of whitewashing the governor’s record.3 BEAT/DEFEATto defeat an opponent in sport easily, without the opponent getting any points, goals etc→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
whitewashJust past one bad curve, a small shrine has been erected, La Virgen surrounded by three concrete crosses recently whitewashed.My first day on the works I was sent off to whitewash a shed all by myself.Shop houses and ancestral halls were jumbled side by side with whitewashed cottages and churches.Fields covered in snow would swallow up whitewashed farmhouses were it not for their black window frames.The only hint of what goes on inside are the vultures that perch on its whitewashed outer walls.Overlooking the walls were two whitewashed stone bastions.Angry protesters whitewashed the offensive billboards.Remember how they whitewashed the pigsties before they'd let their men sleep there?A whitewashed verandah contained bags of wheat and well-oiled harnesses.