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boltbolt2 ●○○ verb  1 [intransitive] to suddenly run somewhere very quickly, especially in order to escape or because you are frightened The horse reared up and bolted. Kevin had bolted through the open window.see thesaurus at run2 [transitive] (also bolt down)DF to eat very quickly syn gobble He bolted down his breakfast.3 JOIN something TOGETHER[transitive] to fasten two things together using a boltbolt something to something The cell contained an iron bedframe bolted to the floor.bolt something together The boxes were made of heavy panels of metal bolted together.4 [transitive]DH to lock a door or window by sliding a bolt across→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
boltOne of the horses got into a panic and bolted.When police approached him to ask him some questions, he bolted.My husband always bolts all the doors before going to bed.I bolted down my breakfast and was out the door by 8:00.He was whisked away as his audience bolted for the exits.Suddenly a fox bolted from beneath a hedge.His brutish, stupid face was blotchy with fear now and his eyes were bolting from his head.The dog bolted into the road, into the oncoming traffic.Louie wailed, bolting off the steps into his house.A low hissing filled the room as she bolted out and slammed the door.Before I could say a word, she turned and bolted out the front door.All the doors were locked and bolted so I climbed out through the kitchen window and dropped into a bed of lavender.Jason bolted the door and closed all the curtains.Rules and codes bolting the social structure tightly into place.A thin steel cord was bolted to the beam that supported the boxcar roof.bolt something to somethingA wrought-iron bench was bolted to the patio.