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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdomesticateddo‧mes‧ti‧cat‧ed /dəˈmestɪˈkeɪtɪd/ AWL adjective  1 domesticated animals are able to work for people or live with them as pets2 DHsomeone who is domesticated enjoys spending time at home and doing work in the home Ray’s very domesticated and even likes baking cakes.
Examples from the Corpus
domesticatedWhen was the cat first domesticated?The husbandry of domesticated animals should ensure that their physiological and ethological needs are fulfilled.The area is populated by domesticated birds such as geese and turkeys.As with truffles, however, morels have until now resisted Joining the ranks of domesticated fungi.Cheers, Ellie, you've quite domesticated him.I had been away for the weekend and David Bowie is not the most domesticated person in the world.But perhaps with her looks she wasn't the domesticated sort.I would stick to domesticated species, such as Goldfish or Koi.Wild specimens should also be bred with domesticated stock to introduce new bloodlines.