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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdraughtydraugh‧ty British English, drafty American English /ˈdrɑːfti $ ˈdræfti/ adjective  DHAIRa draughty room or building has cold air blowing through it a draughty old housesee thesaurus at cold
Examples from the Corpus
draughtyBig enough to accommodate about twelve lads and in winter it was the least draughty.For Diana, a heavy tweed jacket for draughty Balmoral would be a snip at £9.95.They needed to repair the crumbling walls of their draughty homes, too.It's so draughty in here. Is there a window open?Keeping the heat inside Sitting in a draughty room will lower your body temperature and make you feel cold and uncomfortable.Holly-jack had fled there, and perhaps still hid, terrified, in the cold and draughty rooms.She was used to draughty spaces, soaring walls, a nightly ritual of wraps and hot bricks in winter.He had said hardly anything since we had picked him up at a draughty street corner where the Hanko road leaves Helsinki.