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Language: Old English


1 noun
dust1 S3 W3 [uncountable]
1DH dry powder consisting of extremely small bits of dirt that is in buildings on furniture, floors etc if they are not kept clean:
All the furniture was covered in dust.
There's not a speck of dust in the kitchen.
gather/collect dust (=become covered with dust)
Her old trophies were collecting dust on the shelves.
Dust particles floated in the sunlight.
A sudden breeze sent motes of dust (=small bits of dust) dancing in the air.
2DH dry powder consisting of extremely small bits of earth or sand:
The wind was blowing dust and leaves up from the ground.
A car sped past in a cloud of dust.
3TIH powder consisting of extremely small bits of a particular substance

a dust

DHC British English the act of dusting something:
I need to give the sitting room a dust.

let the dust settle/wait for the dust to settle

to allow or wait for a confused situation to become clear

➔ bite the dust

at bite1 (8), dusty

➔ leave somebody in the dust

at leave1 (15)

➔ not see somebody for dust

at see1 (36)
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