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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishemptiesemp‧ties /ˈemptiz/ noun [plural]  DHEMPTYbottles or glasses that are empty The barman collected the empties.
Examples from the Corpus
emptiesThe most coveted prize is empties.For him, the trout are stacked in rows like a crate of open-mouthed empties, waiting to be carted away.The bartender picked up the crate of empties and took it down to the cellar.As the sink empties, all of its water passes through the spiral.Besides, we had plans to make about how to spend the money we'd get for the empties.I grabbed the empties and got back behind the bar.That spells reasonable pickings for the armies of poor people hunting the empties.Put the empties in that bag.You can get some money back if you return the empties to the shop.