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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflufffluff1 /flʌf/ noun [uncountable]  1 DCDHsoft light bits of thread that have come from wool, cotton, or other materials He was picking bits of fluff off his trousers. a ball of carpet fluff2 HBAHBBsoft light hair or feathers, especially on a young bird or animal The chicks were just balls of yellow fluff.3 news, music, writing, work etc that is not serious or important a magazine full of pop and fashion fluff
Examples from the Corpus
flufffluff under the bedIndeed, as he shut the car door, he brushed at one sleeve as if to remove wrinkles as well as fluff.Disadvantages of the stuff are that it attracts fluff, hair and biscuit crumbs.The cellulose fluff, although more bulky, is just a parachute, to be discarded.It was the cotton fluff sifting from the air.The magazine is a mix of fashion, fluff, and some serious journalism.With Walker, they give fluff a spine and serve up sentiment.I told her about the fluff.The model was a little misshapen, the face furred with fluff from her pocket, but it was still intact.