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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhanginghang‧ing /ˈhæŋɪŋ/ noun  1 SC[countable, uncountable]PUNISH the act of killing someone by putting a rope around their neck and dropping them, used as a punishment public hangings people who believe that bringing back hanging will reduce the amount of crime2 DH[countable] a large piece of cloth that is hung on a wall as a decoration a colourful wall hanging
Examples from the Corpus
hangingThere is an urge to recapture the missing person in some way by hanging on to memories, and treasures.Athelstan glimpsed the blackened, twisted face of Pike the ditcher hanging by the neck.There's noticeably less equipment hanging from a scrambler, but pound for pound there will be more fleecy material visible.With fatigue hanging in lead weights from her shoulders, she remembered the telephone number Robert Urquhart had dialled.I noticed her hanging around the bar, staring through its window, while I ate my fish and potatoes.Her eyes were drawn, as they so often were, to his portrait hanging just outside the Director's office.I was getting some drawing prep once and what I was actually told to draw was a towel hanging over a chair.One wall was covered by a black velvet hanging.wall hangings