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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhot-water bottleˌhot-ˈwater ˌbottle noun [countable]  hot_water_bottle.jpg DHa rubber container full of hot water, used to make a bed warm
Examples from the Corpus
hot-water bottleMy daughter feels as soft as a marshmallow, as warm as a hot-water bottle.When Penry arrived with the promised drink he also brought a hot-water bottle.Helen made tea and filled a hot-water bottle for Theresa.More than once a hot-water bottle filled with cider burst in the back of a closet, for a chambermaid to find.Alternatively, she could lie on her stomach with a hot wet towel or a hot-water bottle placed on her buttocks.There was nothing more to do tonight except to fill her hot-water bottle.The rubber hot-water bottle was a very modern idea at the time the house was built.