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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhousemaidhouse‧maid /ˈhaʊsmeɪd/ noun [countable]  old-fashionedDH a female servant who cleans someone’s house
Examples from the Corpus
housemaidThey hit the headlines last year when Richard left his first wife, Caroline, a housemaid with Princess Diana.She knocked quietly, as good discreet housemaids do, on Maman's door.In place of a wand she had housemaids, parlor maids, laundresses, cooks, and a rotund chauffeur named Courtney.One such sceptic, a certain Montgomery, is likened to a prickly housemaid.She had been second housemaid at Chesney Hall and Arthur Naulls had been under-gardener.Sally Jo Bannow makes even Edith the housemaid into a major comic character.Jean, the housemaid, wrote regularly.