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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhousewareshouse‧wares /ˈhaʊsweəz $ -werz/ noun [uncountable, plural]  American EnglishDHBBT small things used in the home, for example plates, lamps etc, or the department of a large shop that sells these things
Examples from the Corpus
housewaresThe notion of casually mixing fine art and housewares may be offensive to them.The league's thrift shop welcomes donations of furniture, clothes and housewares.Plysu, the plastics containers and housewares group, was stable at 248p even though it pushed profits ahead last year.To these have now been added a vast range of applications in fibres, films, housewares, rigid packaging and building.Down in housewares were the true treasures women were after.West Bend has benefited recently from increased sales of housewares and home cookware.Rubbermaid makes plastic and rubber housewares and other consumer and industrial products.As of the end of December, the company operated 648 specialty housewares stores in 44 states.