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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeepsakekeep‧sake /ˈkiːpseɪk/ noun [countable]  DHREMEMBERa small object that you keep to remind you of someone syn memento
Examples from the Corpus
keepsakeMrs Noble gave Helen, as a keepsake, Edward's last letter to her father.Just a keepsake to remember us by.Inaugural Committee organizers, who mailed the invitations in December, said they were meant as keepsakes.After all, almost everyone who completes the race gets a free, three-day keepsake.Or else it might be that Hilbert had left Adam some small memento or keepsake ... Adam was lying late in bed.It was rare for corpses to be committed to the grave wearing day-clothes, items of personal jewellery or any other keepsake.District councillor Richard Groves presented a photographic keepsake to commercial manager Mel Hunt.Some of the pictures certainly qualify as priceless keepsakes.