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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlaundry basketˈlaundry ˌbasket noun [countable]  1 laundry_basket.jpg DHC British English a large basket that you put dirty clothes in until you wash them syn hamper American English2 DHa basket used for carrying clothes that have been or need to be washed
Examples from the Corpus
laundry basketShe wore a swirling dress with something bright wrapped round the waist, and she carried a laundry basket.Iachimo had fallen into a laundry basket.But her daughter lined a huge laundry basket for the infant, and wherever she went, the basket went with her.A young porter stood in the corridor, a large laundry basket by his side.Listen, this is not your personal laundry basket.The teenager won't put her soiled clothing in the laundry basket as requested; they don't get washed.There were flowers on the table but no pants in the laundry basket.