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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlooloo /luː/ noun (plural loos) [countable]  British English informalDHTOILET a toilet I need to go to the loo (=use the toilet).
Examples from the Corpus
looHe says that Dodo often uses a shoe as a loo.It was like being in a loo that rose and fell.Then I took my bag into a loo and took everything off and changed into clean clothes.All rooms are comfortably furnished and have their own shower and loo.In the Legion, there was no guarantee that a man had even used a flushing loo before.So far, she'd just flushed the smack down the loo and shoved the syringes in the bin.Sybil papered the loo with that article and others.A door closed, taps ran, the loo flushed.go to the looSo I had a slice of pie and then he put the kettle on for coffee and went to the loo.They'd gone to the loo together by the time I joined Bunny.It is hard to stay awake but I had to keep going to the loo!I do not have five roubles, therefore I can not go to the loo.I had to go to the loo.Anything to do with going to the loo makes children laugh.And at an age when five times a night normally means how often you go to the loo, too.