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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmasking tapeˈmasking tape noun [uncountable]  DHTBlong narrow paper that is sticky on one side, used especially to protect the edge of an area which you are painting
Examples from the Corpus
masking tapeThe tellers began wrapping up the ballots in brown paper and masking tape.To show that you want them to succeed, you might assist their noble effort by applying masking tape to their mouths.I found that ordinary narrow masking tape was the answer.Then I borrowed some masking tape from the office and hung them on the cafeteria wall.First, you should not use masking tape under any circumstances.He suggests using masking tape or brown sticky tape hinges.When I opened the frame I found, as I expected, that the drawing had been hinged with masking tape.Each was lined with several layers of black plastic U. S. Government burn bag and the plastic sealed with masking tape.