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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmirrormir‧ror1 /ˈmɪrə $ -ər/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [countable]  1 DHa piece of special glass that you can look at and see yourself inin a mirror She was studying her reflection in the mirror. He spends hours in front of the mirror! When I looked in the mirror I couldn’t believe it. I looked fantastic!2 a mirror on the inside or side of a vehicle, which the driver uses to see what is behind Check your rear-view mirror before you drive away. a wing mirror3 a mirror of something
Examples from the Corpus
mirrorThe telescope contains a large convex mirror to collect the light.It makes even the rocks part of its dancing mirror.She never left the house without having a quick look at herself in the hall mirror.It is comparable with the oddness which might visit all our outward appearances if we stopped looking in mirror.I saw her in the long mirror behind the bar, staring at me.The Cockring consisted of several bars, smoked mirrors, strands of white lights along the walls, and a sunken dance-floor.She turned away from the mirror and, putting her cosmetics in a vanity bag, opened the door.I could see in the wing mirror that my arrival had provoked some interest.looked in ... mirrorShe dropped the photos, rushed into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.I took off up the road and looked in the mirror.Sometimes he looked in the mirror and pulled. his lower eyelids down to see if he had anaemia.He looked in the mirror and could see a gout of her smoker's phlegm on his cheek.I looked in the mirror again; it was hopeless.I looked in the mirror and saw for the thousandth time that I was beautiful.I looked in the mirror today and I could see it in my eyes.Primo looked in the mirror and saw him standing right behind him.wing mirrorThe fork-lift truck was not fitted with either wing mirrors or a speedometer.As the Ford charged after the Mercedes, Dunn saw in his wing mirror a spurt of tracer fire.They came down on the coach from Manchester and were delayed for an hour by a missing wing mirror.Hedges rose to either side and the Cadillac's wing mirrors clipped against them.Mobuto recoiled in horror, stumbling back painfully into the Studebaker's wing mirror.All the controls are easy to use, although adjusting the wing mirrors took a bit of working out.Bill was leaning on his cab, spitting at the wing mirror and half-heartedly polishing it with his sleeve.I could see in the wing mirror that my arrival had provoked some interest.