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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmothballmoth‧ball1 /ˈmɒθbɔːl $ ˈmɒːθbɒːl/ noun  1 DCCDH[countable usually plural] a small ball made of a strong-smelling chemical, used for keeping moths away from clothes2 in/into mothballs
Examples from the Corpus
mothballMarie said, following Helen along the hallway with its familiar dank smell of musty horsehair and cedar and mothballs.You could also drop mothballs or peeled garlic cloves or sprinkle hot pepper into the tunnels.The £5,500 creation is currently in mothballs in a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles.And the plants that Thorn-EMI set up to press the discs will remain in mothballs.That means it may be as long as three years before Fire Station 28 comes out of mothballs, Cornwell said.Or bringing Tony Danza out of mothballs.An additional experiment demonstrated that the smell of mothballs had the same effect.The smell of mothballs rose to greet her.