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movemove2 ●●● S2 W1 noun [countable]  1 decision/actionDO something/TAKE ACTION something that you decide to do in order to achieve something She’s still thinking about her next move.move to do something the Board’s recent moves to cut interest rates Most of the council members are reluctant to make such a drastic move. The authorities have made no move to resolve the conflict.a good/wise/smart etc move She decided to learn as much about it as she could, which seemed like a wise move. Taking the position was a good career move (=a decision that will improve the type of jobs you can do).there are moves afoot (to do something) British English (=there are plans, especially secret ones) It seems there could be moves afoot to close the centre.2 movement [usually singular] when someone moves for a short time in a particular direction Good gymnasts rehearse their moves mentally before a competition. He made no move to come any nearer. Martin made a move towards the door.watch/follow somebody’s every move His green eyes followed Cissy’s every move. One false move (=move in the wrong direction) and I’ll shoot.3 progress/change a change, especially one which improves a situationmove towards/from/against/to the country’s move towards democracy a move away from traditional industries such as coal mining Much more research is being done, which is a move in the right direction.4 be on the move5 get a move on6 make the first move7 gamesDGB when you change the position of one of the objects in a game such as chess Several moves later, Ron took his king. It’s your move, Janet (=it is your turn to move an object).8 make a move9 going to a new place [usually singular]DHLEAVE YOUR HOME/COUNTRY when you leave one house, office etc, and go to live or work in a different one The move to a larger office building is long overdue.10 put/make a move on somebodyCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: something that you decide to do in order to achieve somethingverbsmake a moveWe made the move mainly for financial reasons.make no moveThe government made no move to hold the promised elections.welcome the moveEnvironmentalists welcomed the move to limit the length of fishing nets.oppose a moveUnion members have opposed the move.support a moveThe move was supported by the government.a move is aimed at doing something/is designed to do somethingThe move is aimed at strengthening its business in the region.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + move an important moveI cannot decide on such an important move on my own.a bold/daring move (=taking a lot of courage)The writers made a bold move by killing off the main character. a good/smart/wise move (=sensible)I’m not sure it was a good move giving him the job.the right moveHe hoped he had made the right move in telling his father.an unprecedented move (=never having happened before)Barcelona began the unprecedented move of shipping in drinking water.somebody’s next move (=the next thing someone does)What should happen next? What’s our next move?a bad moveIt was a bad move letting him come here in the first place.a false/wrong move (=made by mistake)One wrong move and the business might never recover.the first moveShe waited for Michael to make the first move.a career move (=a decision that will improve the type of job you can do)It looked like a good career move, with the possibility of promotion later.phrasesthere are moves afoot to do something British English (=there are plans, especially secret ones, to do something)There are moves afoot to change things.a move in the right directionThe decision seemed to be a move in the right direction. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: when someone moves for a short time in a particular directionverbsmake a moveShe made a move towards the door.make no moveHe made no move to stop her.watch/follow somebody’s every moveHis eyes followed Cissy’s every move.adjectivesa false/wrong move (=in the wrong direction)One false move, and she’d fall over the edge.a sudden moveShe made a sudden move towards me from the doorway.
Examples from the Corpus
moveIt's probably time to think about a move to a new job.There is a move towards greater equality for women in the workplace.A move further towards the end-user is being forged by linking the chlorine, hypochlorite and electrochemical technology businesses.The coach has taught the players some basic defensive moves.Let's face it -- going from an academic life to the world of business is never an easy move.His first move after taking office was to appoint four communists to his cabinet.The first 25 metres are 8a+, serving to sap strength and stamina for the harder moves to come.The UN's latest move to stop the fighting has ended in failure.It is merely that Gandhi was ready for a back-to-nature move and a passage in Ruskin crystallized his determination.What will his next move be?The management have offered less money than we wanted so what's our next move?He added that a statement was expected later this week on moves to secure the colliery's financial position.In the United States during the period we are discussing there were powerful moves for the professionalisation of sociology and social science.Public sector unions are likely to oppose Blair's move away from government investment in health and transport.Planners hope to encourage the move towards increased use of public transport.This picture marks the move to the big screen of some of our best television comedians.The United Nations was supposed to supervise the move to independence.The move completed, Paige sank to the ground and rested her head back against the rising bulk of a tree.The move was announced by Norman Lamont towards the end of his tenure of the Chancellorship.The move took three days.He reflected that there was very rarely logic in these moves, or if there was he could not 115 understand it.Three board members have opposed these moves.It's your move.next moveIt simulates the bit of the search space which is rooted at the current state, and plans an acceptable next move.He stared north for a moment, thinking out his next move.His next moves were to acquire a major London publishing house and the prestigious London Times newspaper.If she says yes, then a different kind of next move is in order.There I found Phil and Mike discussing the next move.Wait for him to make the next move.Fear that the next move will be worse.made no moveHe retained his hold on her wrist but made no move to pull her to her feet.His acolyte preceded him and the two officers in charge made no move to interfere.He'd made no move to leave, however, and scuffed along behind them.No wonder Rouke had made no move to stop her.But he has made no move to appoint such a group.I noted with curiosity that Phil made no move to assist her.A single tear escaped from the corner of her eye but she made no move to look away.The law still made no move.move towards/from/against/toThis work was not merely a move towards understanding molecular bonding but also the material for an entire branch of chemistry.She changed her name and moved to Atlanta.People are reportedly being told to pack up and move to California or face having no job to go to.The fourth car passenger was still too injured to be moved from the Accident Recovery Room in Casualty.We had moved to an upwardly mobile suburb of Chicago.Already, Internet access providers and universities have moved to limit certain material.Future steps could include moving from process monitoring to process control.If mediation is to succeed and become well-used, legal thinking must move from the adversarial to the facilitative.