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overflowo‧ver‧flow2 /ˈəʊvəfləʊ $ ˈoʊvərfloʊ/ noun  1 [singular]FULL the amount of something or the number of people that cannot be contained in a place because it is already full The overflow will be accommodated in another hotel.overflow of the overflow of water from the lake2 [countable]TBDH a pipe through which water flows out of a container when it becomes too full
Examples from the Corpus
overflowRiverside General had been built as an overflow hospital for Tewkesbury and Gloucester and surrounding areas.Instead, home records are located using the bucket index and overflow records via the home bucket and a tag.McDonnell and Montgomery found that higher overflow percentages than 10-25 percent led to increased retrieval times for all block sizes.A temporary parking lot will be provided to handle the overflow.Forman took his seat in front of the overflow crowd of 300 expecting, and certainly prepared for, a going over.Within the last year, two new restaurants dedicated to the early morning meal have opened to accommodate some of the overflow.overflow ofan overflow of students